In-App SDK

Zonka Feedback lets you to embed surveys in your android and iOS applications and effectively target your app users to provide feedback. You can simply achieve that by adding a few lines of code triggered by any event within the application.

Pre-requisites for Android Application

There are a few prerequisites for implementing this feature in your android mobile application and start collecting responses from your users such as

  1. An application supported in Java or Kotlin.

  2. A Zonka Feedback plan with SDK integration included

  3. Android Studio to set up the project.

Pre-requisites for iOS Application

There are few pre-requisites to implement ZF SDK in ios application also.

  1. Device should have iOS version 12.0 and above

  2. Support for swift 5.0 and above is required

  3. Xcode 14.0 and above is recommended to set up the project.

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